How can I get connected

See the below eligibility requirements and determine if you should proceed:

  • Uninsured and unemployed
  • Working, but meet certain income requirements.
  • No Medicaid, Medicare or Federally funded insurance plans.
  • Permanent resident of United States
  • Have commercial insurance, but co-pays are still too high.

  • If you feel you meet criteria, please complete then submit the online Medication inquiry form. Upon receipt we will 1) review your current prescription medication list; 2) Research our extensive data base to determine the most cost-effective option for you. 3) Contact and consult with you shortly to explain your options 4) if applicable, we’ll help navigate the complexities of patient assistance programs and assist with necessary next steps! You can either use the online Medication inquiry form or email information to or call us TODAY at (913) 336-4633 and talk with one of our coordinators.

    If Medication Connection helps you gain access to lower cost medication, there will be a one-time administrative fee of either 10% of cost savings or $25 minimum. (See example in FAQ section to explain fee structure)