11. What is Medication Connection?
a. Medication Connection main goal is to assist every eligible person lower their monthly prescription drug cost expense. We can help in 2 ways: 1) If you meet the eligibility requirements, Medication Connection will help connect you to the prescription medication you need, through Patient Assistance programs (PAP) offered by the pharmaceutical companies or voucher saving programs. 2) Let one of our trained Coordinators explore options to help lower your out-of-pocket prescription medication cost. We are passionate about ensuring you get the medications you need and saving our client’s money.
22. How much is the Medication Connection service?
a. Medication Connection charges a one-time administration fee of 10% of prescription medication savings or a minimum of $25 per medication. There is no monthly fee at this time.
33. When is payment due to Medication Connection and can you give a fee structure example?
a. Your one-time administrative fee is not collected until we have help you gain access to the medication you need. b. Fee structure is 10% of the savings: (Example: Before our services, you were paying $400 a month for a medication, now, Medication Connection successfully found medication for $60 per month, the difference/savings is $340, so your payment to Medication Connection will be a one-time fee of $34.
44. How will I know if Medication Connection can help “connect” me to lower cost prescription medications?
After submitting requested information, Medication Connection will research your medication list and consult with you shortly on the most cost-effective pathway.
5What type of medications does Medication Connection assist with?
a. Most of the prescription medications are based on brand name prescription drugs. Medication Connection has an expansive data base of brand name prescription medications. We look forward in exploring options for you soon.
66. What is a Patient Assistance program?
a. Patient assistance programs are available for eligible people who meet certain income and insurance criteria set forth by the pharmaceutical companies to receive their medications at a low cost or for free. The actual paperwork can be complex, but if approved, companies will ship medication to your doctor’s office.
77. What if I have Medicaid or Medicare, am I still eligible to apply?
a. No, unfortunately, if you have any government type insurance coverage, you will not be eligible at this time.